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In this age of technology, a website is one of the most important marketing and communication tools. In fact, it is typically your audience's first interaction with your brand, so you want to be on target. Each website we create is unique - designed and built around your brand and your specific requirements.

We start by getting right to the core of your organization or business to determine what makes you tick, your goals, and what makes you stand out. We discover, explore, plan and design an experience that is right for your brand. From here, we are able to craft user persona's, messaging, conversion points, technology requirements and ultimately a web strategy to move you forward.

With this strategy we create an information architecture and user interface (UI/UX) wireframes that define the overal user experience, content structure, navigation, hierarchy and flow for the new website or app. We review and revise these items with you until approved, at which point we begin work on the polished user interface. We typically provide two design concepts from which we revise and perfect the creative direction. Once the creative direction for the project is solidified, we complete the design process by creating the other key pages or interaction screens.

Once the design is completed we begin development by hand crafting responsive HTML and CSS for your project. We integrate this with a content management system like ExpressionEngine or CraftCMS which allows for easy publishing and editing.

Each organization or business is unique and in order to best represent your brand, you need a custom designed website built around your specific needs. Our blended process of strategy, design and development produces custom designed websites, that meet your business goals while being user friendly and easy to manage. We want your website to be found so that you can be successful, no matter what you do. That's why we optimize your website to include the right elements for organic search traffic.

Agile methodology or waterfall process, internal or external - we are flexible so that we can meet your needs. Small business or an organization that needs a partner to design and develop the whole ball of wax? We do that. Agency or developer looking for a partner to help fulfill specific roles within your project? We can serve as your entire team or we can integrate into your own web or development team.

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