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Horter investment has served clients for decades and helped hundreds of investment advisors grow their practices. However, as Horter's own business grew and changed their marketing no longer reflected their high caliber of excellence, customer service, strength, and stability. In light of Horter's mission to protect and grow their client's investments, we needed to create a brand identity that expressed this sentiment. We explored several ideas with the marketing team and the Horter fortress emerged.

Horter Investment Brand Redesign

The Horter logo ties together ideas of strength, heritage, and stability. The Horter “H” captures their Cincinnati headquarter’s architecture and connects it to the iconic Roebling Suspension Bridge.

Brand Guidelines
As part of the rebranding, we also provided a detailed brand guidelines document covering everything from the application of the logo to the selection of photography. Brand standards like these are a powerful way to bring alignment to your marketing and organization, especially after rebranding.

Horter Investment Brand Guidelines

Website Design and Development
The old Horter website was crippled by its WordPress back-end and plagued with issues. With the new branding in place, we guided the Horter marketing team through our website design and development process and created a custom-designed site, hand-coded on Craft CMS so that they can easily manage their content.

Horter Investment Responsive Website Redesign

The Horter homepage greets users with their investment philosophy "Invest in life" and allows users go directly to content tailored for individuals or investment advisors.

Horter Investment Homepage Design

At Horter Investment Management, we pride ourselves on relationships and integrity. By partnering with Antistatic Design and Mark Wells, we got both at the highest level. On top of that, the end product on our website is something that represents our brand in a fashion that I personally would classify as “Best In Class”. This did not happen overnight. It came out of multiple conversations between my colleagues at Horter & Mark. It’s amazing how his listening skills transferred over into a finished piece. That piece of course was where he excels in terms of the graphic design experience and craft that Mark processes. I truly recommend his firm.

Jack Peters, Executive Vice President

Our Difference Page
The Our Difference page showcases their unique approach to investment and allows users to navigate deeper into recent news, leadership profiles, and more.

Coppola Landing Page Design

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