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Branding is perception. Understanding your brand’s mission, audience and communications allows us to identify how your brand is being perceived and how to create a brand strategy that will take you where you want to go.

Brand DNA
Just like an individual, every brand has it's own personality and our brand DNA process helps us peer into the heart of your organization and understand every interaction your customer has with your brand and define a unique strategy for engagement. Whether you are a new startup or established brand, we can help.

Logo Design
Beginning with a logo, we can refine your current brand mark or create a new visual direction for your brand. Typically we create 7-10 unique concepts but our process is flexible to fit your needs and budget. The final result is a well-craft unique representation of your organization that will stand the test of time.

Visual Identity
Your visual identity is the next step in your visual branding. Based on our research and analysis along with the results from our Brand DNA exploration, we create the strategy for your color palette, supporting typography, iconography, illustation, photography, stationery or business documents and wrap it all up in your brand guildlines. This consistent approach helps strenghten the impact of your brand.

Brand & Logo Design Projects

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