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Georgetown County South Carolina sits comfortably along the Atlantic coastline between Myrtle Beach and Charleston, SC. The area features several natural waterways, a large seaport, and rich cultural history. After realizing a need to establish a stronger brand, Georgetown County engaged with us to lead them through our Brand DNA process. Through this we were able to define a creative direction and several design concepts for the logo. We worked with the staff to refine these logo concepts into the final version which will be implemented on a variety of materials like stationery, signage, vehicles, and merchandise.

Georgetown County South Carolina Logo Design

Georgetown County South Carolina was looking for a logo to promote tourism as well as a sense of community for our residents. When we engaged with Antistatic, we knew we wanted something contemporary, yet classic that would appeal to our diverse population. We were skeptical that someone could find the right balance to meet all our needs, but Antistatic took the time needed to delve into our community and get to know us. That allowed them to hone in on exactly what we were looking for and we were immediately impressed with their initial designs. As we went through the process of narrowing our choices, they worked tirelessly to make sure the final product was just right and that we were able to stay within budget and have the project completed on time. We were extremely impressed with Antistatic and their work from start to finish.

Jackie Broach, Public Information Officer - Georgetown County, S.C.

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Georgetown County South Carolina Rebranding logo design

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