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Optica Technologies

Optica Technologies, the leading provider of externals for IBM System Z servers, has been making peripherals for over 45 years and their website was showing its age. After working with their team to refine their sales approach and web-based product presentation, we led them through different user stories and the creation of a new website information architecture. The new content structure was further refined by creating user experience wireframes to detail the navigation and page-by-page interactions through the website.

Once the user experience was solidified, we pursued the creative presentation of the website by working out each unique page design. These designs were programmed responsively and powered by ExpressionEngine. Optica's new responsive website means that any user, whether on a mobile phone, tablet device or traditional laptop or desktop computer is presented with the best possible content experience. With the dynamic mix of site responsiveness and ExpressionEngine, we were able to provide Optica with one powerful website.

Optica Technologies Responsive ExpressionEngine Website Design

We Provided

  • Web Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • User Interface Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • ExpressionEngine CMS Development


  • Increased Web Traffic
  • Improved Lead Generation and Streamlined Quoting
Launch Website

Information Architecture and User Interface Wireframes


Optica Technologies Information Architecture and User Interface Wireframes

Homepage Design


Responsive Web Design for Optica Technologies

We came to Antistatic Design with a huge need for a ground-up redesign of our website. They helped us through every single step of the process and delivered on-time and above expectation at each and every milestone. With minimal direction from us Antistatic created an incredible design that covered 100% of our functional and aesthetic needs, then helped us bring it to life. Mark and his team met insane deadlines, handled every one of our requests with unprecedented speed and priority, and provided outrageous levels of support from start to finish. They were an absolute joy to work with and we could not be more pleased with their level of professionalism and creative talent.

Zac Fisher, Optica Technologies

Product Page Design


Optica Technologies Prizm Product Detail Page


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