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Process Sensors Corporation (PSC) is a leading supplier of Near Infrared (NIR) and Infrared (IR) sensors and systems to Fortune 500 manufacturing companies as well as small, privately held manufacturers worldwide. As their business grew and new product lines were created or acquired, they found themselves maintaining multiple aging platforms with limited capabilities.

Process Sensors reached out to us to help lead their organization through a massive website redesign that would align everyone in their business to a unified web strategy, completely restructured information architecture, new user experience design, custom user interface design and responsive website development built on top of ExpressionEngine’s content management system. This content management platform allows their marketing teams extreme flexibility and functionality to add, edit and maintain the website long term. The website also features multiple language translations (German and Chinese) all managed through their content management system.

Launch Website

Process Sensors Corporation Responsive Website Design

Homepage Design
The homepage of Process Sensors' website is designed with the goal of introducing the user to PSC's unique selling proposition, industry knowledge and presenting them with simplified pathways to their product lines.

Process Sensors Corporation Responsive Website Design

User Experience Wireframe
For a large website like Process Sensors, it was vital that we explored and documented the user experience through website wireframes. The usability and efficiency of the final website often hinges on this critical step of the design process. In total, we wireframed over 40 unique page templates for their digital strategy.

Process Sensors Corporation User Experience Design Wireframes

User Interface Design
With the website's wireframes approved, we explored several different design concepts in search of the perfect look and feel of the user interface.

Process Sensors Corporation Website Design Concept Explorations

Product Landing Page
The site features several landing pages for incoming traffic to help users find their way and highlight specific information.

Process Sensors Corporation Product Landing Page

Products Page
The scientific nature of Process Sensors' products required a unique layout for the product page to provide users with the content, product images, scientific measurement data, related information and more. We also integrated the website with their customer relationship management (CRM) system (SugarCRM/Salesforce) to streamline their lead generation process.

Process Sensors Corporation Product Detail Page Design

The discovery process for complicated sites with a diverse group of stakeholders can be laborious and difficult, but Antsitatic was very patient, pushed back when it is technically or stylistically advisable, and made you feel a key part of the process. The build process in each case went pretty much as planned, with some minor tweaks along the way. Launch was successful, and all follow-up questions are answered and taken care of very quickly. We have gotten very positive reactions from our new websites and look forward to improving them and keeping them fresh.

In a rapidly changing technological environment where we are reliant on experts to support our business tools, I feel completely comfortable and confident with AntiStatic looking after our website and internet presence needs.

Bob Schumann - Director of Product Management and Marketing

Industry Pages
Aside from showcasing their product catalog, another major goal was to create industry pages where Process Sensors can present their vast experience helping customers implement their products and improve their manufacturing processes. These industry and application pages are extremely helpful for users and greatly improved Process Sensor’s SEO.

Process Sensors Corporation Industries Page Design

Global Representatives Page
The website features an interactive Global Representatives map tool to help users find sales representatives and support in their region of the world. The site also features a secure area just for their distributors and representatives to receive special content, updates, and additional marketing materials.

Process Sensors Corporation Global Representatives Page Design

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