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First off, ExpressionEngine is the perfect blend of a commercial product with an open source component. The commercial side of ExpressionEngine (EE) means that EllisLab (the makers of EE) are actively improving the software, vetting every change, and addressing any bugs. The open source side of EE allows add-on developers to create powerful extensions, plugins, and modules to further extend the functionality of the system. Also note worthy, the caliber of the available add-ons are excellent!

ExpressionEngine is true content management. EE allows you to create a content management experience that is right for your website’s needs. No more forcing a blogging platform to be what it’s not. With ExpressionEngine you create custom channels (or sections), custom fields, create members, control member access and more. On top of this, content editing can be configured to your needs so that editing and managing content is easy for a non-technical user. Our projects always include a few hours of training, but most content managers pick it up quickly after the initial walk through.

ExpressionEngine loves custom design. EE makes no assumptions about how your site should look. This allows web designers to create beautiful custom-designed websites and build the content management experience to your specifications.

Smart and supported. ExpressionEngine runs off PHP and mySQL and is built on top of CodeIgniter’s framework. This means it can run in almost any hosting environment and that any developer with a background in PHP can easily learn their way around so you aren’t tied to a proprietary content management system or up a creek if your developer disappears. EllisLab also offers paid support if needed - so you can have direct access to the makers of ExpressionEngine should the need arise.

ExpressionEngine is affordable. We often hear “Why shouldn’t we just use a free solution?”. The right answer is that you should use the right solution for your needs. However, the cost of ExpressionEngine (which we wrap into our projects) seems to be a stumbling block for some. What we’ve found to be true is that yes, you pay for ExpressionEngine but that provides you with a value greater than the software investment when it comes to functionality, stability, security, extensibility..etc. ExpressionEngine also makes our development process faster. Less development time = less cost.  

ExpressionEngine scales. ExpressionEngine can power small sites as easy as it can power large enterprise websites or applications. EE serves everyone well. News site, content publishing powerhouses, small business, international corporation, non-profit, e-commerce, government or education - ExpressionEngine can scale to your needs and be built around your requirements.

ExpressionEngine and SEO. With ExpressionEngine’s built in flexibility, you can create custom fields or global variables to help with SEO. They also have many fantastic commercial add-ons available that can help provide even greater integration and control.

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