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We are passionate about web standards, usability, responsive design, and making sure your site functions beautifully on each and every browser and or device.

We believe in being responsive
Users will access your site from a plethora of different devices and one of our primary goals is to provide an appropriate experience for each of them. From planning to implementaiton, we take a responsive approach to the creation of any website. We believe responsiveness isn't a development technique or afterthought - it is an essential methodology throughout the project to consider what content matters and how they will experience the website.

We believe in content managment.
The web is not static and your website doesn't need to be either. We want to empower you to be the manager of your website. Giving you what you need to publish, edit and maintain your content in the best way possible is our goal. For most projects we employ ExpressionEngine, a commercial content management system that allows us to structure an editing experience built around you. If ExpressionEngine isn't right for your project there are a number of other systems (like Craft CMS) we can choose from to provide a solution that meets your needs and you are comfortable with.

We believe in SEO
From the onset of a project, we consider search engine optimization (SEO) to tailor the content and code for the best search engine results possible.

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