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Antistatic has been in Dayton, Ohio since 2005. We design and build custom websites for businesses, churches and non-profit organizations.

Our approach allows us to dig deep into your DNA and understand how to communicate your values, drive traffic and increase leads and/or sales. Our Web design and development services include:

Custom Website Design

Your business or organization is unique, represented by a unique brand. Our approach allows us to design beautifully crafted, custom websites specific to your needs. We can also help you with logo design, print material, email marketing and other elements of graphic design.

Website Redesigns

Maybe your website only needs a facelift or some minor modifications, we can help there too. Antistatic can help you address web design updates, navigation changes, mobile or tablet responsiveness, resolve usability issues, add new features and more.

Responsive Web Design

Every website we design and develop starts mobile-first. Our philosophy is to create websites that are fast, easy to use and adapt to any device. This is why we design our websites to work on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers and large HDTV displays.

Content Management

We empower our clients by building each website on content management platforms (like Craft CMS or ExpressionEngine) that allows them to manage, edit, add or change their content. No messing with code, no software to download or install, no more support tickets or phone calls each time you need to make a change. By building our sites on a content management system, you are in the driver's seat. We train your staff and provide documentation so that you can take ownership of your website.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Beautiful websites are great, but if they aren't 'found' online, that's a problem. Our approach to website design and development takes SEO to heart so that your website is optimized for organic traffic. We follow the web industry's best practices to includes the right SEO elements from square one.

Website Maintenance and Updates

We work with clients for the long haul. Whether that's periodic updates to their website or a monthly maintenance retainer - we support our clients. If you need anything, you will get a response within 24 hours, if not faster.

We may be based in Dayton, Ohio and work with many clients in the greater Southern Ohio region but we also work with businesses, churches, and non-profits throughout the midwest and all across the United States (and a few overseas). Let us know how we can help you.

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