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What you can expect from a website redesign

If the time has come to rework your website, we’d like to provide you with some helpful information as you start planning and preparing for the process.

A website redesign is no small task. There are many hours of coordination, planning and communication required between you and your web designer, web developer or agency. Since we started Antistatic Design in 2005, we’ve worked on thousands of website redesign projects; here are our top recommendations and what to expect.

The best projects are born from partnerships

If you really want the best from your website redesign project, you need to commit to partnering with an experienced agency. In a partnership, they should become an extension of your marketing or creative team - not an outsider you’ve contracted to knock out some work. This requires competency, chemistry, and trust. As you consider agencies for your website redesign, ask them:

It is going to take time

Not only is your new website going to take time to plan, design, program, test, and launch – but your website will also require a significant time commitment from you as a client. On top of your normal job responsibilities, communicating and coordinating with your web team or agency will require several additional hours per week throughout the entire process. There will be times when your web team or agency need a lot of input so that they can make strategic decisions for your business or organization. At other times, they will be chugging along knocking stuff out and checking in only to update you. Regardless, your time and attention will be critical for a successful website redesign.

You’re going to have to make decisions

Decisions are a part of a healthy process and when planning, designing or building a new website there are hundreds of decisions to be made. Some of these will be minor but some decisions are critical to making forward progress. That’s why it’s important to have all of the project’s stakeholders present for key milestones and approvals. Be sure that your agency provides you with a clear timeline on when and from who approvals are required during the process.

It’s an investment

You get what you pay for. This is true of any website project. You could hire a freelancer to whip up something for you, try to knock it out yourself using an online web builder tool, or you can hire an agency with expertise, skills, and a track record of solving their customer’s problems and creating websites that meet their goals. Several factors play into the cost of a website - it's advisable to make sure your web team or agency have properly scoped your project so that there are no surprises or added costs at the end.

We can help

Over the years we've been privileged to work with clients from all different industries and sectors planning, designing, building and launching websites of all shapes and sizes. If you’d like to talk about your website redesign goals, we’d love to chat. Drop us a line.

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