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What content management system is best?

One of our core values is that every website should be built on a system that allows you to manage and maintain all of your content.

Let's start the definition of a content management system: A content management system is a software application that allows various types of contributors to create, edit, and publish content. With that understanding, here is what you should consider when choosing a content management system for your website redesign.


You would think it is obvious, but security should be one of the biggest factors when choosing a content management system. Building a website on an insecure system opens your website up to hackers and other forms of attacks. Keeping your content management system secure will result in costly website maintenance each month, increasing the longterm cost of ownership. Open Source systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla have the worst security track record while systems like ExpressionEngine, Craft CMS, and Statamic have proven to be the best choices for a secure content management system.  


A great content management system will include the 'right' feature set out of the box. You shouldn't have to install plugins for things like a content editor, file manager, page builder, or to simply control the back-end functionality. A quality CMS installs with standard features like these. We're not against plugins but with plugins comes vulnerability. Native features matter and because of this, Craft CMS wins big here. Craft installs with everything you need.

Customization, Flexibility & Simplicity

A content management system should allow you to publish content without forced or imposed ideals on that content. For example, when editing a page you shouldn't have to jump through hoops or go to multiple modules to make your changes. A good content management system will allow the developers to customize the publishing workflow to your needs so that it works in a logical, user-friendly way. WordPress and Drupal are notoriously bad when it comes to the author experience while Craft CMS is one of the best.  

Maintenance & Support

Before you invest time, energy and money into your website, you need to consider longterm support. Has the content management system been around a while? Are there regularly update? How often are new features released? These are all important questions. The best content management systems also offer paid support or promote a vetted network of professionals you can partner with. This why Antistatic has been a part of the ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS community since the beginning.

What content management system is the best?

Every business or organization has different requirements and budgets for their website. However, our experience has proven that content management systems like Craft CMS or ExpressionEngine are the best solutions. They offer the right native features, excellent security, regular updates, and are always improving. If you have questions about how a content managed website can help change your website we would love to talk with you. Drop us a line and we'll schedule a free website consultation.

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