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Think twice about Wordpress

Wordpress is one of the most popular platforms for websites. But popular doesn't mean best. Here are some reasons why you should think twice before considering WordPress for your website.

WordPress isn't secure

We've touched on it before, but some things need to be repeated. WordPress is not safe or secure. The more plugins you rely on or the theme you choose can have big ramifications on your WordPress website's security. No one wants to have ongoing security issues with their website, so why start with a flawed platform? That's why we only build websites on tried and true content management systems with a track record for security like ExpressionEngine or Craft CMS.

WordPress requires costly maintenance

While WordPress does release regular updates and security fixes, the frequency and impact of these updates need to be considered in your long-term budget. The more customized your WordPress website, or the more plugins you rely on, the greater the risk of something breaking. Paying a web developer to back-up the website, perform updates, test and then fix any resulting issues can get costly every month.

WordPress isn't a content management system

WordPress started life as a blogging platform and in an attempt to add features and open areas for plugin developers, their system has gotten bloated and lost focus. When building a website in WordPress you have to fight the limitations, rely on plugins, or work around the system to 'hack' together what you want. Why not start with a blank canvas in a real content management system (like ExpressionEngine or Craft CMS) so that you can manage content with ease.

WordPress doesn't have special powers

Contrary to what some marketing or bloggers have shared, WordPress doesn't have any special powers. Using WordPress under the hood of your site doesn't make your website load faster, easier to use, simpler to maintain, improve your search engine optimization (SEO) or anything else. In fact, WordPress can have a negative effect if you are using it poorly or relying on bad plugins or themes to do the work for you. Proper, professional, web-standard programming and clean HTML markup win every time. Combine this with the right content management system and you have a recipe for success.

WordPress might be the right choice for a blog or personal website but we would never recommend it for a business or organization. Before you consider building your new website on WordPress, let's talk about why you should consider a proper content management system and a custom website design by Antistatic.

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