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Design is the differentiator

You’ve heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; that art and design are subjective and difficult to define. However design does make a difference.

Countless studies show how good design improves lead generation and increases sales. Good design differentiates a product or service from the competition’s. Good design makes it easier for users to make a decision. Finally, good design elevates the culture of a company, it can give employees a sense of pride, because of who they represent.

In the area of branding and user experience design, design should evoke something in a person and draw them to action. Good design should make them feel something and do something. It clearly communicates the brand messaging and personality. Good design leads a user to the information they need faster increasing the likely hood of sales or lead generation. It’s vital that each decision in the creative process is strategic toward advancing these goals. That’s why we pour ourselves into these choices. Exploring ideas, testing variations, and making revision after revision, until it is right.

Design also provides you with an edge – It can be your competitive advantage. Why would someone pay more money for a phone that does the same thing as other equality qualified devices? Because they aspire to the promises that specific brand has made through the compelling design of the product, advertising and aesthetic. The same can be true of your business, services or products. To go about this, you must know your customer and how to solve their problems.

If you gain the trust of an audience, you’re likely earn their business. They will tell two friends and those friends will tell their friends and soon a brand following is established. If you’d like to talk more about how good design can help grow your business, we’d love to chat. Drop us a line.

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