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Branding and Web Design for Racing Teams and Drivers

The world of motorsports is complex and competitive. Whether you are battling it out on the track or fighting for sponsorship to get back in the driver’s seat, Antistatic understands the in’s and out’s of racing.

Motorsport racing teams are running from race to race with little time for strategic marketing, communications, or engagement with sponsors. Because of this hectic schedule, important press release communications and social media connections often falls through the cracks. The same is true for amateur and professional racing drivers as well. Both face the same battles, especially when it comes to engaging sponsors.

Love it or hate it, sponsorship is at the heart modern motorsports. Without sponsors teams can’t afford to run cars and drivers can’t afford to buy seat time. This is why your brand and website are vital to your survival.

Creating a vibrant, recognizable brand will help you stand out from the noise in the paddock each race weekend. A branding effort usually starts with the creation of a memorable logo and brand standards. These are applied to anything from shirts, fire suits, cars, tool carts, timing stands - essentially everything is your billboard. However, branding goes far beyond your logo - it is how your team operates, communicates, and interacts with fans, sponsors, and each other.

One of the most important mechanisms of communication for a team or driver is their website. Your website is often the perfect opportunity for a first impression - and it could be your last. A custom designed website, built around your unique branding and messaging sets you apart from the crowd and helps you rise above the noise. Your website should allow you to quickly and easily publish press releases, news and updates to keep sponsors and fans informed. It should also act as a hub for your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts so that you can connect with your audience and build a valuable network.

Sponsors want to engage with brands who understand the value they are bringing to the table so maybe it’s time we talk about your branding and website needs, to help you rise above the noise.  Call us at 937-985-3595 or contact us today.

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