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After launch website maintenance and support

You've worked hard, planned, prepared, designed, coded and tested your new website and your launch went smoothly - congratulations! Now what? Here are some considerations for the website's success.

Keep it active

A website should never be static. The worst thing you can do is launch and leave it. We a website build on a content management system like Craft CMS or ExpressionEngine, you are empowered to own your content so establish a marketing or communication plan for your site. How often will you check it: Daily, weekly, monthly? What areas do you need to add new content too: News, Blog, Events? You should be thinking about how you can add value to the site, how can you answer the questions people are asking and so on. Your website is one of your main marketing tools so keep it sharp.

Maintenance & checkups

Like a car, your website should have regular checkups to keep it running properly. Be proactive. Stay on top of security updates, PHP versions, server management and so on. Also think about the performance of the site by checking analytics for errors, notifications, site speed and more.  If you are not comfortable with these aspects, we can help.


Your website probably uses tools like Google Analytics to monitor traffic and assess what is working. However, we've found that most of our clients don't attend to this data as they should. Consider setting goals to measure, conversions and more with Google Analytics. This data can help inform your decisions and improve your marketing impact.

If you have questions about your website and how it can work for you, we'd love to chat. Drop us a line.

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