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​Why We Partner

If you've taken a look through our work, you might have noticed by now that we partner with a few different companies along a project's lifecycle. We often get asked why… Why not hire a bunch more people? Why not cover that yourself? Why not invest in your own CMS? The questions go on and on.

The answer is really quite simple: Partnerships make us stronger. By design we are a small company. Our expertise in branding, graphic design, web design and ExpressionEngine make us who we are, but we will not be all things to all people. When a project includes certain aspects outside our sweet spot, we first look to see if it lines up with our values, if so then reach out our network of trusted partners like eecoder and others.

Our partner's strength's compliment ours, not only in services but in values. In collaborating we provide a stronger team of experts for the client… ultimately delivering better work because we all focus on what we are best at.

The tides are turning and I believe we'll see more collaborative partnerships delivering innovative work than big agencies. The secret to great partnerships is honesty on all fronts - with the client and with each other. It's really all about relationships.

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