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What’s Your Story?

Stories are everywhere. They can help comfort, inspire and direct us. Humans have been telling each other stories since they lived in caves. Great stories at their core are instinctive. They strike a cord deep inside us and we either subscribe to the story, or reject it. The worst kind of stories are the ones forgotten after reading. They are just static.

Authentic stories are a powerful thing. They can reform a church, create a political following, or start a revolution. This is why "brand stories" must be authentic. A brand story that tells others who you are and what you are passionate about. The authentic brand story becomes the mantra of a movement. The audience moves from listeners to citizens… owning the story, enforcing the story, and inspiring others by living out the story. As one of my favorite authors Seth Godin said, “Living and breathing an authentic story is the best way to survive in an conversation-rich world.” This is so true for any organization and it is right at the core of branding. Does your organization have an authentic story? Are you encouraging your citizens to live the story? Are you living it out daily or have you already proven yourself to be a heretic?

If your brand feels lost, tired, or disconnected, maybe its time you revisited your brand story. Where did you come from? Who are you? Where are you going? Why should I care?

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