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Website Refresh vs Responsive Design Retrofit. Which is the right choice?

You've tried to shift money around or push a website redesign initiative through leadership; whatever the reason you know that a complete website redesign is not in the budget.

You know you are missing the mark, leaving money on the table, and losing marketshare or valuable attention so what are you to do? What other options are there? If a ground up website redesign is not an option, we would recommend that you consider a website refresh or a responsive retrofit.

Website Refresh

A website refresh is akin to repainting the walls in your house. We revisit your website’s design while leaving the core functionality, content management system, and other features intact. This could be as simple as changing some colors, typography and images or it could be a whole new theme or system of template designs depending on your needs.

Responsive Website Retrofit

If your website is not mobile-friendly, now is time to act. Not having a mobile-friendly or responsive site hurts your user experience and leads to poor traffic on smartphones and tablets. With more and more users connecting from mobile devices it is almost critical to success to have a responsive website. To retrofit your existing website, we take your current code, templates, images, and content management system and make incremental adjustments so that your site adapts to all devices providing the best user experience (No more pinching and zooming!). We make sure your site is easy to navigate and that users can find important information like phone numbers, address or maps easily. We also alter elements like your type size so that your text is legible on phones and tablets.

Depending on your needs and budget, we could also consider a hybrid of both approaches - refreshing the overall website's user interface and layering in responsive techniques to improve mobile and tablet usability.

If you haven’t invested in your website recently, now is time to act. Not sure which approach is right for you? We’ll help you determine which way to go.

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