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The importance of regular website audits and checkups

Every now and then a car needs a tune-up. From time to time we need to see the doctor. The same is true for your website or web app. We perform yearly website audits for our clients at no charge. During our website audits, we look at several factors:

Website Audit UIUX, SEO, CMS recommendations

Search Engine Optimization

First and foremost you need to be found online. Your website is the hub of your marketing strategy and search engines like Google update their algorithms all the time. This requires marketers, content creators, website designers, and developers to stay up with the latest developments. As we review your website, we look at keyword density, SEO performance, analytics and more to ensure your site is performing well.

Technical Performance

We review your website's technical makeup so that we can provide insights into where your website could use some assistance. Things like adding an SSL certificate, minimizing the HTML, CSS, Javascript, and server software are often overlooked and make a big impact on page load times and SEO. Does your website meet accessibility standards? If not, you could be losing out on potential business.

Content Management System Status

A review of your website also needs to include a close look at your content management system (CMS). We review the current CMS install, any modules or plugins that are in need of updating, things like PHP settings and more so that you know the engine under the hood is healthy. 

User Interface Design

Finally, the last aspect of your website to review is the look and feel. Why is this last? Because we don't want to make any recommendations without data from your analytics or an understanding of the website's technical issues. Armed with this information we can assess the website user interface design and resulting user experience to uncover areas that can be polished or redesigned for improvement.

You may not be in need of a complete website redesign, but it may be appropriate to consider A/B testing some enhancements or testing different strategies and messaging. If you have questions about your website's search optimization, technical performance or user interface design, schedule a free website audit today.

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