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The Madness Behind Methodology

Every destination has a journey.  The path of each journey can vary greatly depending on where you’re headed. You wouldn’t take a bus from Chicago to Taiwan and you wouldn’t buy a plane ticket for a trip across New York City. Your journey is determined by many factors – How long will it take? How much money will it cost?  How will you get there?

The same is true in our world. We can’t slide every project down a creative assembly line and expect to meet our clients’ needs. We also can’t force results by applying the same formula each time. Each project is a journey; and, as with any journey, we evaluate the desired outcome and craft a path that makes sense. Though we don’t use the same route for each opportunity, we do follow the same methodology. What is methodology, you ask? So glad you asked! Methodology is a series of methods, principles, and rules that guide a discipline. A typical process is a series of checkpoints where methodology allows room for iteration, recreation, and flexibility – while keeping everything en route!

Antistatic’s methodology is truly scalable and flexible – much like any successful journey needs to be! This methodology can be applied to projects of any size – allowing them to stay on course and flow beautifully. Following a methodology, much like picking the best route off a map – takes the mystery out of the equation.

Our methodology involves the following pinpoints: discovery, strategy, ideation, refinement, and delivery. These points are a vital part of each project’s path. A proper discovery allows us to dig deep into an organization’s DNA and understand their goals, values, audience, etc. Strategy allows us to align these goals with the audience and their desires. The practice of ideation grants us the space needed to generate multiple ideas and solutions. Refinement provides the opportunity to take a good idea and make it a great one. Delivery...what good are any of the other steps if you never make it to your final destination?

Here’s to the journey!

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