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Responsive Web Design for Law Firms and Attorneys

First impressions are often lasting. In this age of technology a website is often a potential customer's first point of contact. For a law firm or attorney this first impression is critical. Visitors often have been involved in a traumatic experience, serious personal/family issues, or need representation for a number of other reasons and want to simply and clearly understand who you are and how you can help them.

Your website should quickly and concisely introduce your practice and allow quick and easy contact to be made. It should also present the firm or lawyer's, practice areas, case results, profiles, expertise but most of all – how to contact or schedule a consultation. These are the elements of a solid content structure… but how do you create the best experience for all users? The answer is responsive design.

As you can imagine, traffic from mobile devices has exploded. To meet all their various users, it was once believed that creating separate mobile sites or even apps to present your site on different devices was the best option. This allowed for a very customized experience but it created a content management nightmare. Multiple sites meant maintaining content in multiple places causing more challenges when content changes were required. It also makes brand management challenging as you are constantly monitoring multiple touch points.

Responsive web design offers a seamless experience to all users on any device. A responsive website adapts fluidly from the largest desktop display down to the smallest mobile site, while seamlessly covering everything in between. Whether a user comes to your site on their iPad, Windows phone, iPhone, Android device or traditional computer, the website adjusts to their device.

If you are reading this article on a desktop or laptop - grab the corner of your browser and shrink the window size to see how a responsive site adapts in real-time.

Underneath all this, the site can be managed by one content management system allowing you to edit all your content, add pages, make changes anytime – without knowing any code. This makes your life much easier and makes your web experience so much better. This is exactly how we approach it.

Here are a few examples of responsive law firm websites we've designed and built. Click the image to view the full project profile:


Jeff Brooke Team

Responsive Web Design for Personal Injury Attorney

DiPietro Law

Divorce Attorney Responsive Website Design

Booberg Law

Personal Injury Lawyer Responsive Web Design

If you have questions about responsive web design and how a great website can increase your leads, we'd love to chat with you.

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