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Physicians, doctors office or medical practice website design

Like any business or organization, your website is a key element of your marketing strategy and in some cases, it is the most critical. Over the years, we've worked with physicians, doctors, and medical practices to clarify their messaging, present the right content to their patients and ultimately attract more clients. Here are some important things to note if you are considering a website redesign for your practice.

Your website is a key element in your branding

Your practice's website should extend your brand to the web. It should convey how you're different and why a patient would choose you for their care over another doctor or physician.

Your website needs to be secure and HIPPA compliant

It's common sense that a website should be secure, but in the medical industry, there are legal implications. Not only should your website have an SSL certificate, but your content management system needs to be 110% secure. We've seen physicians with WordPress websites (built by some other company, we never use WordPress because of its security flaws) completely hacked. From there, every submission form of your website needs to be HIPPA compliant in order to meet federal regulations.

Your website needs to be responsive

Your patients are rarely going to be browsing from a desktop or laptop computer. They will be using their phone to find the office number while picking up their sick kid from school or researching medical care from their tablet while relaxing on the couch. Your website must work on all devices. It's not only good for accessibility but its a patient experience factor.

Your website must enhance the patient experience

Because your website is an extension of the interaction a patient will have with your physician's office, make sure the experience is top-notch. Here are some final tips:

If you have questions, we would love to schedule a time to talk about your practice and how we can help improve your website.

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