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Getting back to designing in a pure form.

‚ÄčIn art school, we were taught that every great idea started with sketching. We spent hours sketching, reviewing, and re-working every idea. Over my last 10+ years of professional experience however, I became addicted to working faster. I under-valued the process of working out each idea on paper, only to be reminded when I was faced with one of Antistatic’s biggest projects. The only way to work out the ideas was to break out some paper and refine each thought through sketching.

Refining your ideas on paper is organic and naturally creative. It forces you to physically erase, rework and polish your ideas. This concept applies to more than just design. In fact, if all of us would start on paper when facing a project that requires strategic thought, I believe we would naturally come to better conclusions. There is nothing wrong with using technology, computers, iPads... whatever (believe me - I love them) but they inherently make us work faster, and this often keeps us from refining our good ideas into something great. We settle with the first and fastest idea and check that project off the list instead of deliberately reworking the idea until it is well brewed.

I’m not saying this will work for everyone, all the time, on every project. All I ask is that you give it a shot on your next “deep” project.

Brew something great!

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