With the release of the National Climate Assessment, Forum One tasked Antistatic Design with the creation of the polished user interface for the new

The new showcases research, provides data, and serves as an active hub for the National Climate Assessment and it's ongoing impact. As part of the project with Forum One Communications, Antistatic led the client team through several discussions and exercises to determine the creative direction of the website. This creative direction served as the foundation for moodboard concepts that outlined a visual library of elements from which the web design would spring to life.

From the moodboards, we created several polished design layouts for various web pages. Antistatic presented these design layouts to the various committees involved in the project and refined the design as necessary. Once approved, the website was built on Drupal by Forum One Communications and we played an active role in the team by reviewing development sprints, implementation, and providing additional user experience design. 

Read more about the project here or reach Buzzfeed's review of the website here.

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