Defining Moments - Ole Miss

We helped shine a light on the Defining Moments of Ole Miss Football.

​Our friends at Flashlight Media Group in Memphis asked us to create the branding and packaging for their newest film, Defining Moments: Ole Miss. This 3-disc DVD Box Set features their original documentary plus bonus interviews, photos, and more. The documentaries takes you deep inside the Ole Miss Rebel football tradition as former players, coaches, and broadcasters share their experiences.

As part of the project we created several packaging concepts, revisions and final artwork.

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​The creative industry doesn’t always allow you to have a large staff who has specialized expertise in every area, so we rely on Mark and his staff at Antistatic as an extension to our creative team. He brings great ideas to every project and executes them with reliability and professionalism. He is a great asset to our business!

Trey Reynolds - Flashlight Media Group