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Branding and web design for non profits

We often have the privilege of working with non-profits and are always energized by the process.

The reason being, is that non-profits are driven by a cause bigger than themselves. One thing we have seen over and over is that a non-profit’s brand story can start to get hidden, tucked away under the daily grind. When this happens the non-profit’s long term goals and strategy starts to get blurry. If you find this happening the best response is to revisit your brand story. Who are you, why do you do what you do. Once you’ve spent time dwelling on your story you may want to consider a refresh or a rebranding, especially if you see these signs:

Blending in
When you survey the marketing landscape, does your brand material, messaging and communication approach blend into the noise along with all the others? Does it stand out? Consider it from your audience’s perspective - what are they seeing, what are they bombarded with everyday. Can your messaging or materials be swapped out with another organization or are you unique and stand for themselves?

You audience wants to connect to you on an emotional level - they want to engage with your cause. Does your marking or messaging have a heartbeat? Can your audience feel your pulse when you communicate with them? Are you stiring them to have a passion for your cause?

Does your marketing material make you cringe? Are you ashamed to hand out that brochure or direct people to your website? If that is the case, it might be time to consider a refresh or a rebranding.


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