Static. You have experienced it... the noise can be so overwhelming that nothing makes sense. Everything is confusing and out of control. No clarity or focus. That’s where we come in.

All too often, static happens in organizations. Communications become jumbled, messy, or off-target. There is a lot of effort, but little response. No one understands the message; no one is engaged or inspired by your brand; you become lost in the static.

That’s where we come in! You need a partner to walk with you; you need a partner who can find clarity and creativity in your cause and then focus every effort around it – making your message clear while engaging your audience. This drives everything we do, no matter the client, project, or budget.

Antistatic is an expression agency founded in 2005. We provide creative solutions in branding, logo design, print design and web design. We do more than provide exceptional design and strategy; we work to understand you, your needs, and your problems. We fight through the interference. We are here to help you overcome the static.​

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Our Methodo


We know that the creative process can often be mysterious or even scary. To make sure your project progresses smoothly, we approach each brand identity, print, or website project with our proven methodology.

Phase 1 - Strategy

We work with you through discussions, research, and analysis to obtain a full understanding of your project goals and objectives.

Phase 2 - Concept

Following the strategy, we get creative by turning ideas into concepts for your review.

Phase 3 - Design

With approval of a solid concept, we polish it into a cohesive design for your review.

Phase 4 - Refine

We further refine the design to ensure every element has been pushed to perfection for your final approval.

Phase 5 - Deliver

With your final approval, we wrap up the project by prepping the artwork for print, writing the code and building out your website, or producing the files for your brand identity.


The process doesn’t stop here - we revisit the strategy, analyze research and make adjustments as needed to accomplish your goals.